The Safest and Fastest Way To Get Pregnant Naturally

The Safest and Fastest Way To Get Pregnant Naturally


If the time has come for you and your loved on to finally start the family you’ve always wanted, you may be thinking and doing some research trying to find out the fastest way to get pregnant naturally. First, I want to take this time to congratulate you on this exciting time in you and your حوامل partner’s life! Starting a family of your own is one of the most exciting things you can ever do. This is something that will bring you great joy for a lifetime to come.

The first thing that you are going to want to take into consideration when looking for the fastest way to get pregnant naturally is that pregnancy is an extremely difficult thing to force and may take a great deal of patience. Most couples think that when the time comes to start a family, that getting pregnant will be nice and easy, but the sad truth is that it doesn’t usually work that way. Now, if you are the type of women that has a hard time not being in control of things, this could sting a little. However, there is help and things you can do to get pregnant fast and naturally.

How And When Does Pregnancy Occur?

Pregnancy occurs when the male sperm connects with the female egg that is released during her ovulation period. You only release one egg per month, and that means you have 12 chances to conceive a child per year. However, the chances of conception doesn’t always happen when the egg and the sperm meet up at the right time.

The length of time is takes to get pregnant will vary with every couple, and even if you are doing everything right, there is still only a 25%-30% chance of conceiving in any given cycle. Just keep in mind that getting pregnant has a lot to do with a women’s monthly cycle which in most cases is very different. A normal cycle and very form 23 – 35 days, while the average is 28. This is very important because most couples will tend forget about this until they decide to have a child.

If you want to greatly improve your odds of getting pregnant during your cycle, you need to figure out exactly when you are ovulating every month. If you can do this successfully (it’s not as easy as it sounds), then you can have intercourse on those days which will improve your odds of conceiving in that given month.

So What Can I Do To Help Me Naturally Get Pregnant Faster?

Some tips & advice to help you get pregnant faster

The first thing you should do (if you aren’t already doing so) is to keep a menstrual calender tracking when you period starts and how long it lasts. This will definitely help you if you have problems conceiving, and it can also help you know the day of conception.

Try to have intercourse as often as possible within the five day period that you are fertile, leading up to your ovulation. Also, be sure to remain lying down for as long as possible after intercourse so that the sperm has ample time to travel as far up the cervical mucous as possible.

Avoid stress – and anything that causes it. This can play a big part in trying to get pregnant. Stress has a very big impact on your bodily functions during conception and pregnancy. Having a lot of stress can completely shut the chances of pregnancy so it’s extremely important to try and avoid stress at all cost. If you find yourself in stressful situations where you just cannot get rid of your stress, there are many things you can do to help like exercising, yoga, Pilate’s, etc… anything to relax your mind and get your blood flowing.

Avoid alcohol and drugs. This goes for both parties in the relationship. Most couples over look this fact, but alcohol and drugs can really interfere with trying to get pregnant. If you don not know when you are ovulating and aren’t having intercourse on the exact days you should be, you will miss out on getting pregnant that month.

And lastly, try to maintain a healthy diet. A diet that has lots of protein, high in fibers and low in sugars has proven to increase fertility. Fluctuations in weight can interfere with certain hormones that can negatively effect fertility so it is very important to a women to maintain a healthy body weight.