Whether you are trying to obtain new electronic analytics abilities or to establish your ability to potential customers, obtaining Google Analytics certification is worth your while. Here is the Way to get accredited: More info

Step 1: Subscribe to Google Partners

Google Partners is your online car for Google’s interactions and collaborations with electronic entrepreneurs and agencies. Just signed-up Google Partners may take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ), which means you will want to use to join. This way to receive your free account.

Step 2: Do your homework

You are going to require a detailed working knowledge of electronic analytics along with also the Google Analytics platform to maneuver the GAIQ examination. Google’s own advice and classes are a clear revision beginning point, both for novices to Google Analytics and also for seasoned users. You will need to cover most of the subject matter from the next Google IQ Courses:

Google Analytics for Beginners

Advanced Google Analytics

Of course, if you would like to thoroughly understand and comprehend a topic, you’re likely going to have to research beyond the course material. Here are some free resources which Can Help You learn Google Analytics:

Goal Internet Data & Analytics tools — our library of manuals, podcasts and articles can allow you to expand your knowledge. It is also possible to register for Goal Internet’s online digital marketing and advertising classes. We’ve got a complete slew of Google analytics special Modules to not just allow you to pass the examination but to provide you practical hands-on advice on understanding and using Google Analytics. Have a look at our Free 14 day Trial. Simply take a mock evaluation — students who neglect the GAIQ should wait seven days until they could re-take the exam, thus we advocate supplementing having an unofficial mock examination supplier . Use forums for aid — unable to wrap your mind about that pesky tracking code? Unsure how to put a Goal? If you are having problems with a Google Analytics attribute, consider asking for assistance on a few of many forums devoted to the application. The Google Analytics YouTube station — subscribing is a certain way to maintain your YouTube homepage occupied with new GA content — that is an excellent way to market yourself on to maintain revising. User case studies — such case studies reveal a number of the various manners Google Analytics is used to great effect. If you are a newcomer, this resource can allow you to realize the technical applications of Google Analytics which will appear at the GAIQ examination.

Step 3: Take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) examination

The GAIQ examination is modular, which means you’re able to take the examination one subject at a time. To begin:

  • Visit Google Partners
  • Click “Certifications”
  • Click “See examinations”
  • Hover over a test section and click on “Exam Details”
  • Click “Take Assessment”

The examination will start on your Internet browser

The moment you begin an examination, a 90-minute timer begins counting down. There is no method to pause the timer until the test finishes.

You are going to require a score of 80 percent or greater to pass; should you fail, you are going to need to wait seven days until you may try again.

As soon as you’ve passed you will be given a exceptional GAIQ certification, along with your Google Partners profile will soon be updated to reflect your certification status.