Google Certification: Documents, Sheets, Slides

Google Certification: Documents, Sheets, Slides

Within our previous site, we found that the advantageous applications of Gmail, Calendar, and Drive to assist with our company abilities. As we continue our travel for Google Accredited Educator Level I, it’s the right time to work together with the office productivity programs which are included within the examination. So let’s continue by exploring Documents, Sheets, and Slides. As we did in previous phases of our journey, we’ll talk about some critical points of the usage, a few classroom project ideas for you and your pupils, in addition to possible question subjects you’ll confront the certification examination. More info


If you’re an experienced user of Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages, subsequently Google Docs are a smooth transition. Documents is a cloud-based word-processor. It permits the user to generate, edit, and store online documents in addition to import files from other word-processing applications. The majority of the typical capabilities exist as adding images, tables, and links, but Docs gets the extra ability of allowing several users to collaborate on a single file simultaneously. Shared users of this record will have their login initials shown alongside their gifts and adjustments can be monitored and reversed as required. Editors can leave remarks and directions to individual contributors or whole classes.

The examination will probably expect you to understand how to make a Google Document and discuss it with users that are specified for cooperation. Additionally, you’ll be requested to depart editor’s remarks for a certain user, directing them to create changes in addition to having the ability to navigate users straight with links to the remarks that could be transmitted via email. In the end, certification seekers will probably be requested to demonstrate their proficiency in monitoring revision changes.

As an instructor, you’ll discover Google Docs helpful in your own classroom. Teachers can move toward a paperless classroom by accepting work from pupils filed as a Google Doc. The instructor can then comment on the job, request revisions, and monitor drafts to finish.


The Sheets program is Google’s response to spreadsheets. Drawing upon your own adventures with Microsoft Excel or Apple’s Amounts can allow you to make the alteration into Sheets. Sheets is helpful for performing complicated calculations and sorting info. Users may also insert graphs to show the data. Much like all the other programs, Sheets allows for cloud-based storage and internet cooperation among encouraged contributors.

Certification seekers are expected to become more knowledgeable about basic spreadsheet terminology. Be ready to produce a sheet, format cells, and add fundamental functions such as Sum, Average, and When. As a test-taker, you’ll be asked to demonstrate your ability to sort, search, organize data, and include trend lines to graphs. Additionally you may be requested to paste and copy a graph from Sheets to a Doc or twist. Master Google’s will even have to talk about their Sheets along with other individuals.

Educators may have pleasure teaching their pupils to utilize Google Sheets. Have basic students sort their favorite candies or building block toys from color. Then create bar graphs and pie graphs in Sheets to show the amounts of each class. Students may collaborate with this project if each has been assigned a different color to monitor.


Power-up in your demonstration skill set with Google Slides. The newcomer Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote operator could make the transition into Slides. Google Slides permits you to improve your presentation with networking and adjustments to a web-deliverable item. Features include being able to alter slide designs, wallpapers, and themes while incorporating tables, text and movie links. The extra capacity of sharing and working on demonstrations makes Slides a suitable demonstration instrument.

Degree I Educators are expected to have the ability to produce a twist, include text, images, and Word Art. The ability to format the fonts, background, and color scheme is important in addition to the capacity of adding text. Be ready to bring a YouTube video into a own slide together with speaker’s opinions. As always, you’ll also be requested to simulate sharing with your slideshow for cooperation.

Teachers may get their students use Slides to produce an electronic portfolio of the work. Students may consist of samples of their favorite writing, a photo of a background poster, a link to some movie of these describing a mathematical difficulty, a list of the science average data tables, etc..