3 Ways to Earn Extra Income With Your Car Or Truck  

3 Ways to Earn Extra Income With Your Car Or Truck  

If just a small fraction of the U.S. car and truck owners purchased a few specialized services for their more than 250 million vehicles this would still be a huge market. In fact, the market for small niche services that clean, repair or modify some aspect of these    https://junkyardsnearme.us/  autos seems almost limitless. Here are 4 ways to earn extra income in the automotive markets.

Mobile Windshield Repair: This business will always be in big demand. Windshields will always need stone chip repairs to save the money and hassles of having a full windshield replaced at a shop. Even the insurance companies agree and are willing to chip-in (I know – bad pun).

Author Martin Collins helped pioneer the Windshield Stone Chip Repair business. He claims that it is possible to earn $300 to $500 per day if you learn to market this service effectively. The start-up costs range from $500 to $1500 depending on the level of equipment you choose.

Mobile Car and Truck Detailing: Auto detailing is sort of like a regular car cleaning on steroids. Every inch of the vehicle is worked over with a fine tooth comb including even dusting the heater vents and in some cases steam cleaning the engine. Success in this type of business requires great attention to detail, terrific organization and efficient techniques. If you learn to detail cars consistently faster than the competition, (some experts claim to be able to detail a car dashboard in only 90 seconds), and to out-market the competition this can be a lucrative extra income idea.

The market for this service seems to be somewhat recession resistant because detailing can help a car sell faster and for more money in tough times. Author and professional detailer, Bob Keppel, claims that it is possible to start up this business on a shoe string budget part time. He also states that he can earn $300 per day in his market location because of his top cleaning efficiency, speed and marketing skills.

Make Deliveries With Your Car, Van or Truck: Advertise on Craigslist.org offering to pick up and deliver stuff on your way to and from work. Since you are planning to drive to work anyway this will take very little of your time and gas. Sometimes small printing companies located on the outskirts of medium to large cities need to keep their shipping cost down to a bare minimum in order to be competitive. They may love this unique creative solution to their shipping problems.