NFL Football Handicapping – What to Look For

Handicapping an NFL game is never easy. Every week you are going to have at least one upset or some heavily favored teams won’t beat the spread or some low scoring teams explode for an incredible high scoring game. Does it always seem to happen on the games you are betting on?

Don’t feel bad, it happens to everyone and it is expected. Even great NFL handicappers can’t get them all right, so what makes them any different then you? The answer is information! A good handicapper goes through all the information every week, stats, news, injuries and results. They know which teams are trending up and which are trending down. They have no favorite teams and nothing is personal to them, the only stake they have in any game is money. Because of these factors they will have a bad week a lot less often then your average weekend or office pool bettor.

You can still improve your odds without going to the above extremes and still enjoy watching your favorite team play. The most important thing is information, knowing the team’s stats, injuries and trends allow you to up your own odds.

Key things to look over:

Spreads: look at the point spread and see how likely it is to happen. If a team is favored by 10 points check to see who they are playing against, if the team they are playing against has score more than 22 points in over half their games then how likely is the favorite to beat the spread? How many times has the favorite scored +33 points? คาสิโนที่ดีที่สุด

History: This is a relevant factor in NFL games. For some reason certain teams so not perform well in certain cities regardless of their records. This should always be part of your factor in the outcome of a game.

Divisional: Teams playing a divisional game can be the hardest games to forecast, knowing the history, injury report, trend and latest statistics are key factors in the outcome of the game.

The more information you have on each game the better your odds are and having a service that provides you a weekly update or newsletter is the best way to start improving your odds. A service like BTSportsPicks that provides a low cost weekly newsletter with all the above information that you see above plus more will put you on track to win more than you lose.

One last tip: If you have a favorite team, never bet on it! Emotions will always cloud your thoughts and you will angrier than ever if your team loses and costs you money at the same time.

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