Analyzing the Top Four Fantasy Football Picks

Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson gave the Sophomore Slump a horrible hardened arm as he won the NFL Rushing Title in 2008. He ran for 1760 yards on 363 conveys (4.8) with 10 TDs. He added 21 gatherings for 125 yards. He bested 100 yards multiple times and was held under 76 yards only a single time. Talk about consistent creation. In spite of having two beast games as a Rookie (224 and 296) he beat 75 yards only multiple times. His consistency improved drastically. What I like with regards to AP is the means by which he considers himself responsible. He truly takes his “weaknesses” genuinely and endeavors to improve. I completely anticipate that he should be a significantly more complete back in 2009, which ought to be frightening for contradicting Defenses.

The Vikings face Cincinnati, Carolina, and Chicago in the dream end of the season games. Cincy has a significantly better Defense (on paper), yet he should in any case have the option to have his direction with them. Carolina could end up being intense. Chicago isn’t a similar Defense as it’s been previously, however they should introduce a test, particularly at home. AP ought to get off to a quick beginning confronting Cleveland and Detroit in Weeks 1 and 2 and St. Louis in Week 5. He ought to overwhelm Detroit in Week 10 and Arizona in Week 13.

AP will go 1 or 2 in many associations. Standard scoring he’ll most likely be #1 while PPR associations could push him to #2. I believe he’s far better in 2009 scrambling for 1800 yards and 14 TDs.

Michael Turner

Michael Turner more than demonstrated he was fit for getting out of LT’s shadow to be an element back. From the get-go in the season he was conflicting. He would overwhelm terrible Defenses [Detroit, KC, GB (wounds), Oakland, Denver] and get contained by great ones [TB, Carolina, Chicago, Philly]. Something occurred in Week 12 however as he annihilated Carolina for 117 yards and 4 TDs. He turned into a machine setting up strong games against everybody he confronted, including TB and an extreme Minnesota run D. He had 100+ yards as well as a TD in his last nine games.

There is a purpose for concern however notwithstanding the beast numbers (1699 yards, 17 TDs). He had 376 conveys last year. That is a ton for a back regardless of whether he didn’t have a lot of mileage before the season. All things considered, RBs with a particularly immense responsibility see a dunk underway the next year. I’m now requiring his TDs to diminish due to the expansion of Tony Gonzalez, who is extraordinary inside the 20. He’ll confront a harder timetable this year with games against Miami, New England, Dallas, Washington, NY Giants, Philadelphia, and the Jets, alongside two games against Carolina and Tampa Bay. His dream end of the season games plan comprises of matchups with New Orleans, the Jets, and Buffalo, which isn’t horrible. Regardless of the conceivable dunk underway I actually figure Turner will be a main 3-4 back. I’m expecting 1700 complete yards and 13 TDs. เว็บคาสิโนครบวงจร

Maurice Jones-Drew

Maurice Jones-Drew at last gets an opportunity to demonstrate that he can be a NFL highlight back. Considering what he’s done in a fairly restricted job, the dreamland is salivating at the possibility of what he could do in an extended job. Normally there is some danger in taking a player who has never had 200 conveys in a season, however that can be seen as an or more since he hasn’t put on a great deal of mileage. Notwithstanding his 5′7″ height he is very strong. That is on the grounds that he packs 208 pounds of muscle on that edge. He is a bowling ball with extraordinary moves and snappiness. What’s more noteworthy is his nose for the end zone. Magic has 40 TDs (34 surging, 4 getting, 2 return) in his three years. He additionally is incredibly gifted at getting the ball out of the backfield. He has had 40+ gatherings consistently, including a lifelong high 62 last year. He should benefit extraordinarily from a sound Offensive Line, which was the primary purpose for Jacksonville’s baffling 2008 season.

This year Jacksonville has some decent matchups agaist Arizona in Week 2, St. Louis in Week 6, Kansas City in Week 9, and Cleveland in Week 17, which doesn’t help most dream proprietors. His dream season finisher plan comprises of Miami, Indianapolis, and New England, which is not exactly alluring. Obviously a RB with MJD’s adaptability can create against anybody.

Mo-Jo will probably go in the best three picks in most association, maybe #1 generally speaking in PPR associations. I completely anticipate that he should live up to his grand desires. I’m putting him on 2000 all out yards with 14 absolute TDs.

Matt Forte

Like the greater part of the top Running Backs this year, there are some question marks with Matt Forte. AP probably needs to manage a desperado taking over at QB. MJD has never had in excess of 200 conveys so it’s obscure how he’ll manage an expanded responsibility. Michael Turner had a huge load of conveys last year, something that generally has been terrible for the next year creation. Matt Forte’s inquiries are like Ap’s. How might the expansion of a demonstrated QB affect his creation? With Jay Cutler under Center, will Forte lose conveys? Likely. However his capacity to get the football (drove all RBs with 63 gatherings last year) will keep him intensely associated with the Offense. Will his essence open up the showing game to keeping Defenses genuine? Likely. However I don’t anticipate that Forte’s production should experience the ill effects of Cutler’s appearance.

The primary concern Forte had going for him was consistency. He just neglected to arrive at 10 dream focuses in one game (8.5 in Week 4 against Philly) during the average dream season (He had 7.5 in Week 17). He scored a TD in 10 of the initial 16 games. He didn’t have beast games, yet he conveyed each week. In spite of playing in an Offense with restricted expertise position players, Forte had 1715 absolute yards and 12 all out TDs.

He has a genuinely amicable dream plan right off the bat confronting Detroit in Week 4 (tragically the subsequent gathering is Week 17), a three-game stretch in Weeks 7-9 against Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Arizona, and Week 13 against St. Louis. His dream season finisher plan is severe, which makes him a possibility to sell high. He faces Green Bay, Baltimore, and Minnesota. His pass-getting capacity should help, yet that is an intense timetable at the absolute worst time.

However he could battle down the stretch, he should in any case be useful for 1700 all out yards and 10+ TDs. Notwithstanding injury he’ll be chosen in the best four picks with a slight knock in PPR associations.

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