Atreyu Bio

who’re they?
Arteyu is a metalcore band from Orange County, California that changed into shaped in 1998. The band consists of 5 men, Alex Varkatzas, Dan Jacobs, Travis Miguel, Marc McKnight, and Brandon Saller. Alex is lead vocal and lyricist, Dan and Travis play guitar, Marc is the bassist and Brandon plays the drums along with doing a little vocals. The band changed into now not firstly named Atreyu, they were referred to as Retribution until they determined out about any other band from Hemet, California had the call. The band got the call from the e-book/film The in no way-finishing story.

since the band’s starting in 1998 they have had four studio albums released, Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses in 2002, The Curse in 2004, A dying Grip on the day past in 2006 and Lead Sails Paper Anchor in 2007. every of their four studio albums have offered about 200,000 copies each. They had been at the Projekt Revolution tour with Linkin Park in 2008. They headlined together with Hawthorn Heights, 10 Years, and Armor For Sleep.

Flash returned 1998-2000
1998 – 2000 are known as Atreyu’s unbiased Years. returned then, the band best consisted of four contributors: Alex, Dan, Brandon, and Kyle Stanley. that is around the time while the band changed its name, which became counseled via a chum named Scott Lloyd, also known as The Mess. In 1999, the band launched their first album, an impartial, seven tune, EP album referred to as Visions. The Album become handiest bought at their concert events. Their 2d album, a 5 music EP, beneath the underground label Tribunal facts.

Flash lower back 2001- 2006
In 2001, the band finally signed with a huge name record organization called Victory records, who regarded to want young metalcore bands. In 2002, they launched their first complete-duration studio album, Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses. round this time, the band added the drummer, Brandon, as any other singer for the band. when their tune video for Lip Gloss and Black appeared on the Headbangers Ball and Uranium in 2003, the band got a few a good deal-wished interest. The band’s 2nd studio album, The Curse, turned into released in 2004 and offered about 300,000 copies.

After their second album release, Atreyu became featured on the sound music for Mr. and Mrs. Smith doing a cover of “You provide Love a awful name,” originally achieved via Bon Jovi. you can also locate them on the sound track for Underworld: Evolution and the online game Burn Out three. The yr 2006 added with it the discharge in their 0.33 album, A death Grip on yesterday, which hit range nine on the Billboard two hundred and had sixty nine,000 sales.

latest Years 2007 – Now
in the starting of 2007, Atreyu signed with Hollywood statistics for america along with making an worldwide deal with Roadrunner records. AIRISTECH HEADBANGER With the brand new label came the start in their fourth album, Lead Sails Paper Anchor. This album become met with blended opinions because of the band’s new sound. regardless of the bands new sound, it hit quantity eight on the Billboard two hundred. Marc currently posted a weblog pointing out that Atreyu would be recording their 5th album inside the early spring of 2009.

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